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About Us

Villa Nepomuky

A brand new house, completed in 2019 that is embedded in terrain located on the edge of the urban area of ​​the municipality. It features a unique 'green' roof that offers a range of decorative flowers and fresh fruit. 


Experience moments of complete relaxation in a modern house surrounded by nature and a natural swimming pond.


Access is by paved roads and land is Electrically connected to the Net. Accessories are natural pool (8 x 4 m - swimming area | 1.8 m - depth), ornamental garden, landscaping and vegetation located within the fenced property with a total area of ​​3,933 square meters. Suitable for swimming from spring to autumn. The water temperature in the summertime reaches twenty-six degrees Celsius.

Property has access to its own pure water from a borehole depth of twenty meters and is of ideal drinking quality. The surrounding area is a beautifully overgrown forest suitable for year-round family recreation.


Villa Nepomuky is a modern, luxury house situated deep within the heart of a tranquil forest in Stara Rise located in Vysocina Region, Czech Republic.
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